eMarketer Inteview, Pandora's Goal: Be Ubiquitous

**Note: The majority of eMarketer content is behind a pay-wall, but select short-form articles, like the below, are shared on the website and via the eMarketer daily email.** During this year’s Consumer Electronics Show, you would be hard pressed to find launch materials that didn’t mention connectivity with internet radio service Pandora. The streaming music provider’s senior vice president of strategic solutions, Heidi Browning Pearson, spoke with eMarketer’s Lauren McKay about Pandora’s latest listener milestones and the company’s relationships with automakers and brand advertisers. eMarketer: What are the biggest areas of growth for Pandora?

Denny’s Serves Up Loyalty with Launch of Mobile-Local App - eMarketer

As vice president of brand marketing and product innovation for family restaurant chain Denny’s, John Dillon has taken on many new initiatives to invigorate the brand. Dillon spoke with eMarketer’s Lauren McKay about Denny’s latest marketing venture, a location-based smartphone app that encourages store visits through rewards and menu-related challenges. eMarketer: Tell us about the Denny’s 50 State Challenge mobile app. John Dillon: Denny’s has been on the move in a lot of different ways—buil

eMarketer Report, Online Apparel Shopping: How Video Boosts Shopper Confidence and Drives Sales

Executive Summary: The apparel and accessories category is one of the fastest-growing segments in the retail industry, in terms of ecommerce sales. According to eMarketer estimates, online category sales will grow 20% in 2012, outpacing the 15.4% growth rate for retail ecommerce in general. Online apparel and accessories sales will reach $41 billion in 2012, representing 18.3% of total retail ecommerce sales. By 2016, eMarketer anticipates US online apparel sales—which includes footwear and accessories—will generate $73 billion.

eMarketer Inteview: Ford Blends Digital with Branded Content

Scott Kelly heads digital marketing strategy at Ford Motor Co. Kelly talked to eMarketer’s Lauren McKay about Ford’s integrated marketing efforts and why ads in online and social media are more effective for the Ford brand than Super Bowl commercials. Scott Kelly: At the absolute core are our website and web content, social media and online media. Online media can mean anything from display advertising on websites such as Yahoo! or content integration within podcasts. It also includes mobile ad

eMarketer: Nationwide Explores Emerging Online Tactics

JANUARY 21, 2011 – At Nationwide, Shawn Morton is focused on bringing emerging areas such as social media, mobile marketing and gaming to the forefront. Morton spoke to eMarketer’s Lauren McKay about the significance of online channels to Nationwide’s growth and customer relationships. eMarketer: How has the web become an important marketing tool at Nationwide? “We’re looking at various digital channels to drive the business forward.” Shawn Morton: Digital has been growing in importance for a